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Cantilever Sheet Metal Racks

Cantilever Sheet Metal Racks

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Cantilever Sheet Metals Racks!

Build your own cantilever racks to save $$$ over cassette style racks!

These racks are cantilever style, so there's support arms that hold pallets of sheet metal. The racks themselves are I-beam construction (cheap), and we use wooden pallets built from 2x4's (about $28 to build one!). The cost to make one rack unit that holds 16 pallets is only $3,200! That's almost 8x cheaper than the cassette systems we were quoted! 

On top of that they're fairly easy to build and assemble!

  • Number of pallets this unit will hold is 16 (4x8 size)
  • Max weight per pallet is 3,000 pounds!
  • Max reach height needed on forklift is 155 inches

What you'll get in these plans:

  1. STEP Files of the rack (3D CAD files)
  2. DXF files for cutting the flat parts
  3. PDF instructions on how to build the rack & pallets
  4. PDF parts list & cut list 
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