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PressBrake Tooling Cart Plans

PressBrake Tooling Cart Plans

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We took the Ultimate Shop Cart and gave it some upgrades... 

Our old PressBrake tooling cart was getting old and was falling apart... So we decided to modify the shop cart design to be used for storing our tooling! We already knew the cart was able to handle the weight of the tools so we just had to modify the top to hold the Punches and Dies. 

This cart was designed around our American Style tooling with a 0.53" slot design. This should also work with a lot of European style tooling too.

Here's the Deets:

  • 12 Ga. Steel (easy to cut & bend)
  • 2,000LB Capacity!
  • Three shelves with 9x slots each
  • 0.53" wide slots for American style tooling 
  • Rivet in place end stops to keep tools from sliding out the end (optional)
  • No welding! All bolt together

This is a digital download. Once you pay for your order you will receive your Zip file with the STEP files, DXF file, & PDF's for bending & hardware. Thanks!

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