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The Ultimate Tumbler Kit! 

This kit will allow you to build your own vibratory tumbler for about 1/2 the cost of buying one. All of the components are readily available which means you can get to building it in only a matter of days! 

As part of our mission to "Support American Innovators", we're giving these plans away for free! My only ask is that you share this with someone who could also benefit from these plans (or some of our other plans on the website). Thank you!

This is a digital download with all of the files/drawings you'll need!

Some spec's: 

  • 32" wide, 12" deep, & 13" tall
  • Tumbler motor is self contained & sealed... zero maintenance!
  • Uses a VFD drive, so you get the convenience of a wall outlet with 3-phase performance! This also allows control over motor direction and rotation speed.
  • Unit uses rubber bushings instead of springs for quiet operation! 
  • Tub uses a UHMW liner... Long Lasting
  • NO custom parts! All off the shelf components (minus the fabricated metal parts)

 ** Total cost to build this kit will vary. But the typical range is $1,900 to $2,200 depending on variables like shipping... This does not include any media for the tumbler... **

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